What learning music does to a developing brain

Want more reasons to get your kids into music? A large number of studies have been done over the years to map what learning music can do to a child’s growing brain. What’s more interesting is that significant trends and links have been found with positive behaviour and future prospects. The

How to find the best piano teacher for your child

You’ve endeavoured into your child’s piano journey, and now you must take the next inevitable step; finding a piano teacher. For such a valuable investment, it is crucial that the relationship between your child and the teacher is strong. This can lead to a healthy environment which will foster your

Casio is bringing back their Back to School cash back deal

Have you been on the edge of deciding whether or not to purchase a digital piano? To celebrate the new school year, Casio is bringing back their Back to School 5% cashback! This previously highly successful campaign means you could get 5% of the price you paid for your Casio*

Grand or Upright?

When purchasing an acoustic piano, some are faced with the dilemma; grand or upright? While the pros and cons of both are blatant and the decision seems obvious straight off the bat; there are many unknown pros and cons about both that could affect your decision. Arguably the most common

Roland 10 Year Warranty

The worldwide leading brand in digital pianos is proud to offer an extended 10 year warranty on all Roland HP models as well as the LX-15e. The warranty covers customers that purchased a brand new Roland of the above mentioned models after January 1st 2015 from an authorised distributor. It

The History of the Piano

The Piano has a long and interesting history that spans across many countries and cultures. From it’s humble beginnings as a harpsichord to their majestic grand piano form, the piano is steeped in stories from all over the globe. The very fundamental principle of a piano; that a taut string,

Classical Music Under the Stars

Fans of Beethoven can catch ARIA award wining composer and didgeridoo performer William Barton with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as they perform Peter Sculthorpe’s Beethoven Variations as well as Barton’s own composition; ‘Bird Song at Dusk’ for free on the 18th January. This evening of classical music newly brought to life with

Maintaining your Acoustic Piano

Just like a car, in order to keep your acoustic piano in tip top condition, regular tuning and other maintenance procedures are required. Your acoustic piano should be regarded as an instrument as well as a fine piece of furniture. Therefore care should be taken to keep drinks off wood

Have Your School Perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

For the first time ever, school students are being given the opportunity to perform a live concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Held in 2015, the SSO are giving schools in the Western Suburbs  and the greater Parramatta region an exclusive opportunity to perform with the Orchestra at the annual concert

Catch ‘The Artist’ Soundtrack Live

Catch the magic of the soundtrack of Academy Award winning film of ‘The Artist’ in late January 2015. Performed by the Sydney Opera House Orchestra and led and conducted by Ernst van Tiel, lovers of this modern classic should not miss this opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the five time