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How to find the best piano teacher for your child

You’ve endeavoured into your child’s piano journey, and now you must take the next inevitable step; finding a piano teacher. For such a valuable investment, it is crucial that the relationship between your child and the teacher is strong. This can lead to a healthy environment which will foster your

Maintaining your Acoustic Piano

Just like a car, in order to keep your acoustic piano in tip top condition, regular tuning and other maintenance procedures are required. Your acoustic piano should be regarded as an instrument as well as a fine piece of furniture. Therefore care should be taken to keep drinks off wood

5 Ways to Maximise Your Piano Practice

1.Warm Up Just like playing any sport, warming up is essential in performing to your best ability. Starting off with playing scales and arpeggios is ideal, especially if you practice scales in the key of the piece/pieces you are playing to get a better idea of where all the