Grand or Upright?


When purchasing an acoustic piano, some are faced with the dilemma; grand or upright?

While the pros and cons of both are blatant and the decision seems obvious straight off the bat; there are many unknown pros and cons about both that could affect your decision.

Arguably the most common and blatant reason to decide for or against a grand is the space issue. Those fortunate enough to have the space needed for a grand piano will probably without a second thought opt for a grand piano (price permitting). However high quality upright pianos have rich voices that age very well. Faced with a reasonably large budget, it may be worth considering buying a good quality upright over a small baby grand as they can offer a bigger and better sound quality and volume.
On the other hand, upright pianos depreciate in value quickly. Although this means that if you look in the right places, it is possible to find a young, used piano for an extremely reasonable price. (Visit our online store to get an idea of our competitive prices or alternatively visit us in store)

Price and space permitting on the other hand, a grand piano offers a plethora of pros. Due to the hammers lying parallel to the floor, gravity aids the hammer action, allowing it for a quicker repetition of notes and thus better control. The length of a grand piano also afford it the luxury of longer keys which give the player a better touch, resulting in precise control of musical expression.

The horizontal position of the soundboard in a grand piano means that sound rises above and around the player, thus filling the room. Compared to an upright, the sound is reflected off the vertically placed soundboard and directly at the player, meaning the player has less control over their musical expression.

Upright pianos due to their size are also easier to move and will cost less to move than a grand as less man power is required. Moving a grand piano will be much more difficult (especially through narrow doorways) and time consuming, thus costing a lot more money. (Sydney Piano Centre offers free delivery with ground floor access!)

Just like many things in life, a compromise of features and options needs to be sacrificed when making a choice. Hopefully this article has helped you in this important decision.

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