How to find the best piano teacher for your child


You’ve endeavoured into your child’s piano journey, and now you must take the next inevitable step; finding a piano teacher.

For such a valuable investment, it is crucial that the relationship between your child and the teacher is strong. This can lead to a healthy environment which will foster your child’s talents to help them perform at their very best.

It is helpful to start off by sitting down with your child to talk about and negotiate some goals. Consider what you and your child would like to get out of piano lessons:

What kind of music do they want to learn?

  Do they want to take exams?

What about performing?

Are they interested in learning music theory?

The answers to these questions and many more will be crucial in finding the right teacher. The best teacher will be the one who’s ideas and goals align with yours. Let the conversation flow to determine what is most important to your child.
Especially with young children, it is paramount that the teacher and the young student has the same understanding and respect for each other. If your child is not interested in what the teacher has to say, that’s your time and money wasted! Better to invest the time and effort into finding the perfect teacher now than to have it fall apart further down the road.
Above all else, keep in mind that ultimately this is all for your child. At the end of the first meeting, ask your child how they felt with the teacher.

Did they like him/her?

Where you uncomfortable, confused?

Would you like to see them again?

If your child does not like the teacher, continuing with them could be a waste of all your resources. Keep looking.

Despite what many young children may think, teachers are still humans. It is important to have in mind what kind of person you will like to be working with. Remember your interaction with them will be fairly frequent, and even more regular for your child. It may be an idea for you and your child to sit down with the teacher and have a chat first to get an idea of the type of person they are. During this conversation try and gauge if they are the right fit for your child’s personality. Determine which learning style and pace they seem to respond well to, and do your best to match this with the teacher’s style.

Some important things to consider about a potential teacher are their qualifications or where they are based (will they come to your house or will you have to go to them? Are they far away?). If you are looking for a more traditional and classical approach, perhaps consider a graduate or student from the Conservatorium or other highly regarded music academy.

It may also be important to you that your teacher mainly deals with students that are roughly the same age and perhaps the same skill level as your own child. Teachers have their own unique way of communicating and expressing their lessons. These methods are all different not only to each teacher, but for each student and their individual needs.

There are a wide variety of music teacher databases that exist on the internet which could help you to narrow down and make up a list of potential candidates. It could also be helpful to ask those around you if they may be able to recommend someone to you. Let others know you are in the market for a piano teacher and you might be surprised at the amount of people that could have something useful to offer you.

We sincerely hope that you find the right teacher for your child. A good relationship will mean more enjoyment for you, your child and the teacher and perhaps may lead to your very own little piano genius!

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