5 Ways to Maximise Your Piano Practice

1.Warm Up Just like playing any sport, warming up is essential in performing to your best ability. Starting off with playing scales and arpeggios is ideal, especially if you practice scales in the key of the piece/pieces you are playing to get a better idea of where all the

Buying Your First Piano – Misconceptions Addressed and Common Questions Answered

Buying a piano for the first time can no doubt be a daunting experience. An investment worth that many figures needs to be considered carefully, meaning it can be difficult for you to decide firstly on whether to buy an acoustic or digital piano. After that decision’s been made, to add

Roland RP-401R and F-130R

Many piano enthusiasts are hesitating to make the leap to purchase an acoustic piano due to the high cost, size and constant maintenance involved. Roland’s RP-401R and F-130R have been designed and made specifically with these people in mind. These two models feature space saving designs, making them a capable