Roland RP-401R and F-130R


Many piano enthusiasts are hesitating to make the leap to purchase an acoustic piano due to the high cost, size and constant maintenance involved. Roland’s RP-401R and F-130R have been designed and made specifically with these people in mind. These two models feature space saving designs, making them a capable addition to modern living spaces which may be low on space such as condos, apartments and smaller homes.

The RP-401R is the perfect entry level keyboard which has been designed with the young family in mind, thus making it ideal for players of all abilities. Its SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine in conjunction with the PHA-4 keyboard ensures the authentic delivery of the touch and tone found in acoustic grand and upright pianos. This enables both a solid foundation for beginners to ensure the correct development of piano skills, as well as a familiar, at-home feeling for experienced piano players. As well as the three integrated pedals including a Progressive Damper Action pedal, the employment of traditional playing techniques is fostered in a close to perfect piano playing environment.

The F130-R model is highly suitable for apartment or condo dwellers that are looking for a consistent high-end piano experience, without the large price tag or high maintenance needs of an acoustic piano. Featuring the same high quality feeling of the RP-401R, the F130-R packs all of these features into a sleek, modern design that’s even more space saving. Its unique lid closes to completely cover the top of the keyboard to give an almost flat surface and doubles as a music stand when opened. These all add to the F130-R’s space saving features and sleek aesthetic.

Many buyers opt for an electric piano over an acoustic one, not only for its space and money saving advantages, but also for the ability to change volume or to play silently with headphones day or night, keeping sleeping family members and neighbours happy. The Headphones 3D Ambience effect provides a rich, spatial sound environment to give a truly immersive experience. To fully take advantage of the keyboard’s digital nature, a self-recorder is built in to allow for an accurate self-evaluation as well as support the sharing of performances with the USB enabled memory. Both the RP-401R and the F-130R also support Roland’s wide range of free piano apps on Apple iOS devices to further bring players into the digital age and allow for an enjoyable and fun piano learning experience.

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