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Kayserburg Artist Series KA6 Upright Piano

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Kayserburg Artist Series KA6 Upright Piano

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Condition: Brand New

Width: 665mm

Height: 1323mm

Depth: 1541mm

Weight: 260.00 kg

Availability: In stock


Quick Overview

The Kayserburg Artist Series is a crowning achievement by any definition. German craftsmanship complimented by 21st Century technical expertise have combined to create the ultimate in fine musical instruments. The Pearl River Piano Company commissioned European design experts to spearhead the creation of “the finest pianos in the world.” The result is the pride of Pearl River and a challenge to piano manufacturers everywhere.

For the first time ever, Kayserburg Artist Series pianos are being marketed internationally and we are proud to say we have already attracted the attention of some of the world’s most demanding critics. In fact, Larry Fine’s Piano Buyer deemed our KA132B a “staff favorite” and “musical standout” with a “lovely, singing tone.” The KA132B was compared in a blind test with European pianos costing up to three times as much. An amazing 90% of the judging panel, composed of musicians and technicians, believed the Kayserburg to be the most expensive.


All Kayserburg Artist pianos are manufactured in the European guild system of hand-workmanship. Our pianos are constructed of solid action and cabinet components, which are processed by German CNC Machinery. These perfectly matched parts ensure sensitive performance and rigid longevity and are meticulously scrutinized by Kayserburg Artist craftsmen.

Kayserburg Artist Series pianos have a pin block constructed only of select quarter sawn hard-rock maple which is cross laminated to ensure maximum resistance on the tuning pin threads. Tuning pins are nickel plated to resist rust and insure string integrity.

Keys, Key Covers, Keybed and Introducing Ivolan®
The keys on all Kayserburg Artists Series pianos are made of solid, straight grained, spruce. This allows for a very light key of great strength. At the point where the center pins meet the key, the Kayserburg Artists Series keys have a solid hardwood keybutton and solid hard-rock maple inserts for the capstan and backcheck posts. The use of high grade spruce in the key more readily allows for an accurate transfer of the pianists intentions to the hammer, which greatly affects the resultant sound. The hardwood inserts ensure stability of the key even under the most stressful blow to the key. Each key is individually weighted so that an even touch is accomplished from Bass to Treble. On an upright piano, the keybed supports the entire action (playing mechanism) and must be extremely strong. Most important, for a piano to last throughout the generations, the keybed must resist warpage or movement of any kind, especially movement caused by changes in humidity. Therefore, every Kayserburg piano has a keybed of solid European spruce in “butcher block” construction and each plank is mortised (finger joint type).The keys are then fitted onto the keybed. Besides housing the entire action unit, one of the keybed’s functions is to absorb the shock of the pianists blow and must therefore be strong, but in order to minimize action noise, it must also be somewhat absorbent of sound. The Kayserburg Artist Series has a keybed of solid spruce. All pins are of solid brass and are driven into solid beech wood inserts which are inlaid into the keyframe. This construction provides the greatest stability and noise-free sound production.Kayserburg Artist Series keys are covered in Ivolan®, an eco-friendly ivory substitute with a gentle gripping surface and sharps are made of genuine natural Ebony wood. Kayserburg Artists Series designers searched the globe for a key cover that mimics the desirable traits of Ivory, but meets today’s standards of “earth first” responsibility in manufacturing. Made in Germany, completely of mineral and synthetic materials, Ivolan mimics Ivory’s color and breathability, while providing the pianist with a gently gripping surface not previously available in plastic key tops.

Soundboard, Ribs and Bridges
Perhaps no other aspect of piano crafting is as important as the construction of the soundboard unit (soundboard, ribs and bridges) which is truly the heart of the piano. All Kayserburg Series pianos have soundboards crafted entirely of tight grained European quarter sawn solid spruce.

The pianos are strung with the highest grade of solid steel musical wire from Rosslau, Germany. Treble: Röslau, solid surgical grade steel. Bass: Röslau, core, solid copper hand-wound wrap.

All Kayserburg Artist pianos have Nickel hardware.
Kayserburg Series piano actions, as designed by Mr. Thomma, have set this spring in parts constructed of hard rock maple and affix the entire piece to a rail of sturdy hardwood construction. By using this method the Kayserburg has superior strength, durability and stability. Only top quality pins, felts and buckskin are used to ensure precision and noise reduction throughout the action. All action felt is crafted of 100 percent wool of the highest quality which has been treated to be moth-resistant.

The hammers on the Kayserburg Series are specially designed by the world renowned Renner company of Stuttgart, Germany to produce warm, clear legato tone. The hammers are crafted only of top grade felt which has been formed over select hardwood cores and then fastened to the cores with t-shaped steel wires for the maximum resilience and structural integrity. Only when coupled with the superb Thomma scale design, and cabinet of a Kayserburg, can the resultant sound of the supreme Kayserburg Artist Series hammer be faithfully duplicated.

Additional Information

Condition Brand New
width 665mm
height 1323mm
depth 1541mm
Brand kayserburg
Case Domestic panel stock of the finest quality
Back Construction 5 Asymmetric Spruce Backposts
Frame Sand cast and fully machined with high gloss finish-full perimeter
Pinblock 17-ply maple, cross banded
Tuning Pins Nickel-plated steel, cut thread
Action Direct Blow
Action Material Action Rail Extruded Aluminum
Keys Solid straight-grained spruce, individually weighted; solid Maple key buttons
Keybed Butcher-block spruce,Key Coverings Naturals: Ivolan© German mineral key tops Sharps: Genuine Ebony wood
Hammers T-stapled Special Renner
Strings Treble: Röslau (Germany) solid surgical grade steel Bass: Röslau (Germany) core, solid copper hand-wound wrap
Soundboard Vertical grain select mountain grown Spruce, surface veneered with select Spruce to prevent cracking
Bridges Treble – Vertically laminated Beech & Bubinga, solid Red Beech cap Bass – Solid Red Beech
Bench Adjustable Piano bench
Warranty 15 Years

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